Water Conservation

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Water Saving Tips 

Below are tips, guides, and resources for how you can do your part to save water. 

For more conservation tips visit saveourwater.com

Rebate & Incentive Programs 

Residents  are eligible for rebates on water conserving fixtures, landscaping equipment, flow monitors, and turf replacement.  Visit bewaterwise.com to view available rebate programs.

Free Water Conservation Items

Upper District’s Water Smart Home Program offers qualifying residents an opportunity to choose up to six types of water conservation items to be installed at their home, free of charge, by a licensed contractor. This is a limited-time offer. Call 1-866-308-8391 or visit  ecotechservices.net/wshp  to see if you qualify!

Water Smart Workshops

Upper District hosts a variety of workshops that offer useful tips and how-to information on water efficient topics such as sustainable landscaping, turf removal methods, DIY greywater home systems, and leak detection and repair. Classes are open to the public and are free of charge. Some classes are offered in Mandarin and/or Spanish. For more information on the classes visit upperdistrict.org/water-smart-workshops/

Upcoming Classes 


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