Comprehensive Zoning Code Update

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Zoning Code Update

The City of South El Monte is updating its Zoning Code to help implement housing-friendly programs and policies and share resources, including a public-oriented zoning handbook. This effort is focused on providing pathways to alleviate the housing shortage by facilitating easier, faster, and more cost-efficient development!

Current Zoning Regulations (External Website) - Click Here

Public Input Process

The City is committed to information sharing so that community members can learn more about the procedures involved in updating the Zoning Code and remain informed throughout this entire process.

The Zoning Code update will involve:

  • Public workshops in Spring/Summer 2022
  • Adoption hearings in Fall 2022
  • Ongoing coordination between City departments

 This project will also be included in the Planning Commission agenda throughout the process. This inclusion provides an opportunity for the Planning Commission to become familiar with the proposed updates, discuss implementation of the General Plan, and be introduced to issues and articles for preliminary discussion, direction, and public comment.

Existing Conditions Memo

An audit of existing conditions will be conducted based on an analysis of existing programs and policies. This audit will inform a memo that summarizes findings and highlights key themes. Findings from the existing conditions memo will inform a subsequent memo that will provide preliminary recommendations for updates to the Zoning Code to support housing-friendly programs and policies. The preliminary recommendations memo will be submitted to City staff for review prior to the Planning Commission and/or City Council.

Existing Conditions Memo (PDF)

What is a Zoning Code?

A Zoning Code serves as a series of regulations and/or standards for different properties and varies depending on the types of zoning that each piece of property falls under. For this particular effort, the focus is on updating the Zoning Code to comply with pro-housing legislation that the State has adopted. 

A draft Zoning Code will be organized based on the findings and recommendations from the existing conditions audit and preliminary recommendations memo.

What are Objective Design Standards?

Objective design standards, which will be drafted in response to the adoption of Senate Bill 35, serve as a streamlined set of design standards for projects applying for development permits under the Housing Accountability Act (HAA). All applicable projects must still comply with building permit requirements, code requirements, and overarching standards including height, setbacks, FAR, etc. 

Developing the objective design standards will involve collaboration with City staff through working sessions and published findings for public review.

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