Sales Tax

In November 2010, the City's voters passed Measure R, a half-percent sales tax measure, and in November 2020, the City's voters passed Measure ES, a quarter-percent sales tax measure. Both measures were passed to retain those tax dollars within the City in order to continue to provide essential services. The transactions and use taxes, such as the ones approved by South El Monte voters are also referred to as "District Taxes" by the California State Board of Equalization; the State agency is responsible for the overseeing the collection of such taxes statewide.

Add-On Sales Tax

Transactions and use taxes are also referred to as "add-on" sales tax in that they are added on to the general Bradley-Burns sales and use tax applied statewide. South El Monte’s transaction and use tax must be charged on all tangible personal property that is delivered or placed into use within the South El Monte City limits. However, the tax does not apply to groceries, rent, mortgages, prescription medicine, or personal services (e.g. medical, dentist).

Up-to-Date Listings

For the most up-to-date listing of the total sales tax due for a particular city; sellers and purchasers should refer to the California Board of Equalization’s posting of city and county sales tax rates. The following link shows the most updated listing of total sales tax rate applicable to various city and counties in the State of California:

Sales Tax Updates

Visit our Archive Center to review sales tax updates.