SB1383 Impacting Residential /Commercial Trash Collection Services


Beginning January 1, 2022

All residents will be required to separate organics from general trash .

Beginning January 1, 2022, all residents will be required to separate yard trimmings, food waste and food-soiled paper products from their trash and place them in a three-container system provided by the City’s franchisee waste hauler Athens Services this December.

Also, beginning January 1, 2022,  there will be a monthly trash collection service rate for residents based on the selected trash carts size: a basic rate of $5.97/month for regular 96-gallon cart service and $5.30/month for regular 64-gallon cart service. There is a senior, low volume discount of $4.72/month for three 35-gallon cart service. 

Learn more here about the new residential trash collection services and rates