South El Monte Measure ES

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South El Monte Voters Approve Measure ES;

Could Help Maintain Essential Services

On November 3, South El Monte residents according to current unofficial results voted to approve Measure ES, the South El Monte Essential Services Protection Measure. Measure ES could generate approximately $1 million annually for the City’s General Fund through a quarter-of-a-penny sales tax.

The funding from Measure ES could help maintain essential services such as:

  • Rapid 911 Response
  • Streets & Sidewalks
  • Senior Services
  • Community Spaces & Events
  • Emergency Response Centers
  • Parks & Green Centers

Measure ES features strict accountability requirements to ensure full transparency and public awareness. Not only will there be public disclosure of all spending, but also annual independent financial audits to show that the funds from the tax are used locally to solely benefit the South El Monte community, without any of it going to other LA County, other cities, Sacramento or Washington, D.C. 

The City of South El Monte will continue to engage with and work closely with the community to ensure that the new revenue is used to address South El Monte’s most pressing needs.