South El Monte Measure ES

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After analyzing the effects of similar tax measures in other areas of Los Angeles County, the South El Monte City Council voted unanimously to place Measure ES, the South El Monte Essential Services Protection Measure, on the November 3rd ballot. 

If a majority of South El Monte voters approve Measure ES, it is estimated that this .25% sales tax measure would generate approximately $1 million annually for the City’s General Fund to support services such as local public safety and community services, and to help with the City’s long-term financial viability.

If adopted, funds from Measure ES would maintain essential services, including:

  • Rapid 911 response and public safety patrols
  • Streets and sidewalks
  • Youth and senior services
  • Community spaces and events
  • Emergency response centers
  • Parks and green spaces

Measure ES Could Secure South El Montes’ 

Financial Future

South El Monte offers a diverse range of high-quality services, including community programs for all ages, parks and recreation centers, youth and senior services, and a calendar of community event programming year-round. The City Council and staff are dedicated to ensuring the legacy and success of South El Monte for generations to come.

However, the City of South El Monte is facing a budgetary crisis. The City’s 2020-21 budget includes a general fund deficit of $2.4 million, and the City has no new revenue sources to address this. Additionally, the State eliminated the City’s Redevelopment Agency that supported housing for the needy and addressed blight.  

The City has already made difficult choices in the face of these funding challenges, including utilizing its reserve balances to maintain service levels, deferring maintenance and improvements to the City's facilities and roads, and seeking one-time funds to offset the loss of General Fund and reserve balances.

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Preserving South El Monte Quality of Life

If adopted, Measure ES would take the City’s sales tax rate from 10.00% to 10.25%, which could maintain public safety patrols and rapid response to 9-1-1 calls, well-preserved streets, sidewalks and community spaces, and emergency response centers able to provide resources in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or a future health pandemic. 

Did you know? This measure would take the City’s sales tax rate from 10.00% to 10.25%. Voters in several neighboring cities – including Montebello, Whittier, and Alhambra – increased their sales tax rate to 10.25%, the state maximum.  

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The City will continue engaging and educating all community members about the Measure ES and the impacts on City services if approved by voters. For more information, please call (626) 579-6540.